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Gift Ideas for Frail, Sensory-impaired Elderly Loved Ones

It's that time of year again and the regular present-buying pressure is mounting steadily. We have listed a few ideas for presents to help you out. Hopefully this may help you move on from feeling exhausted over what to give people with that "Oh no Christmas again!" feeling like this one...

to being much more ready to welcome in the holiday spirit just like this !

You are welcome!

Most of the ideas have hyperlinks to sites where you can purchase these items directly or visit the gallery at the bottom of the page to find out a little bit more.

A Homemade Gift – what could be better than knowing that in today’s busy world someone has taken time, care and attention to create something for you.

  • Homemade cushion

  • Homemade memory box

  • Homemade meals stocked into the freezer

  • Homemade Audiobook – admittedly there is a bit more than just reading a book aloud into your voice recorder on your phone and burning the file onto a disc, but look here for a starter for ten.

Help and Support – for when you can’t be there, make sure someone else can.

  • Purchase vouchers from AQS Homecare for domestic support, such as: cooking, cleaning or shopping.

  • Book a shopping trip and have a reputable local company escort you both to take care of personal needs.

  • Pay for the fridge and cupboards to be thoroughly cleaned and cleared by someone else!

Gadgets – a whole host of tech to keep the ones you love as comfortable as possible

Practical Gifts – to show you are thinking of their well-being

Family-focussed Gifts - to make them think about family wherever they may be

  • Joke presents to share with the grandchildren or great-grandchildren i.e. Old Age Accessories

  • A new memory together – take them out somewhere nice then scrapbook it together

  • Preserves, jam or chutney from your very own garden

  • Companion Pups – battery-operated soft-toy dogs that simulate breathing specifically create to soothe

Gifts for a Hobby – a way to keep their passion alive

  • Terrariums with ferns or succulents for gardeners without a garden look on

  • iCan experiences where you can select activities by disability

  • A basket of expensive key cooking ingredients you know they will use in their own famous recipes.

  • Yarn Bowls on

A Personalised Gift – a wonderful gift opportunity made even better when completed by a beautiful image of your loved ones.

  • Personalised calendar

  • Photo Book entitled Boasting Album

  • Personalised Printed jigsaw puzzle

Traditional gifts – when all else fails

  • Hampers or gift baskets with treats you have shared in the past including a tea basket

  • Fine Food/ Wine/ Chocolates

  • 12 months of fresh flowers – set up a direct debit for 12 months with their local florist

  • Audio Books/ Books/ DVDs

  • Books to help them reminisce

  • A new ergonomic hairbrush or comb to help with bed-hair

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