Well Being - How can we help ourselves?


Staying Healthy in a Busy World

All of us from time to time have feelings of stress, anxiety and possibly regrets contained in our unique past, presents and futures. Daily living, due to work load, bills or circumstances can add to this. So how can we begin to ensure that our physical and mental health remains strong?

Lao Tzu said "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Daybreak, we brush the sleep from our eyes and it seems, for a moment we are granted reprieve, time to just be. A welcoming rest from the nagging mountain, moments away that must be climbed.

The alarm sound and within an instant we are propelled into autopilot mode, gathering up camp, finding resources, tending to others, setting a new track to the distant beckoning mountain peak.

'Auto pilot mode' has its uses and benefits, but this is our life, a wonderful gift to be lived to its fullest potential. However, should be leave it all to autopilot?

Well being and mental health could be seen as navigation skills and tools to take on our struggle to the summit of our personal mountain. With this in mind, how can we become great navigators and explorers and transform our journey to a joyous, peaceful and healthful experience?

Most of us have technology, information, advice, surveys, news and gadgets at our disposal. But well being, mental, emotional and physical health can seem a slippery fish, despite and in-spite of the deluge of advice and pointers available to us.

Over the following months we will be exploring how to achieve wellness and a healthful body, mind and spirit and regain mindfulness over these important qualities. Please feel free to respond with insights and pointers that will add to our toolkit and combined journey.

As Lau Tzu pointed out, let your journey begin with a single step.

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