Living with Parkinson's Disease?

The first thing to do is to reach out

Having a life changing diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease is tough enough, so why do it alone?

Many Parkinson's sufferers continue to live full and rewarding lives after diagnosis. What is their secret? They connect with others. Inviting the help of others and health professionals is key to good health and wellbeing. Professional assistance is available with; diet, exercise, wellbeing activities, socialising (Online or face to face), living equipment and mobility

The Parkinsons Society

The Parkinsons Society is the best place to get started. They have a wealth of knowledge and are always helpful.

Contact them on


Phone: 0808 8000303 (helpline)

Why not get creative and share your skills for Parkinson's Day

Follow the link below to the Parkinsons Page: Poems for World Parkinson's Day

Here is a video of Parkinson's sufferers narrating poems

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