Night Care
Woman Sleeping

To have a balanced life it is sometimes necessary to let others provide you with support during the night.  

AQS Homecare provide two types of Night Care

Sleeping Night Care

Requiring assistance during the night can cause sleep deprivation raise anxieties By having someone to hand to assist you this can relieve these symptoms and help you to have a better sleep pattern. 


This option means that we assist you by providing a Community Care Assistant who will  come to your home and remain there for a minimum of eight hours and will be on hand when you need them.  If assistance is required more than twice during the night then this will be considered a waking night. 

Waking Night Care

In this option we provide Care support for a minimum of 8 hours.  The team member is on duty the the whole night.  This is by far the best option if you or your loved one is awake or requires assistance several times during the night.   This will be the best choice if there is a need for medication assistance, or to change position to prevent skin breakdown.