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Welcome to our Training Blog

Please take a moment to imagine that you or someone you love needed care services. What would be important for you?

Are dignity, care, competency and respect among the words that come to mind? How could you be sure that the professional carer attending you will meet your needs in these ways? We at AQS recognise the importance of being person centered. But what does that mean in practice?

If stars were answers to this question, we could fill the sky above with innumerable galaxies and constellations. It is fair to suggest that training is key to delivering and maintaining exemplary care for care professionals?

Some reasons for staff to keep their training up to date are:

One of the top reasons for choosing a profession in care is to contribute in a positive way and make a difference to those who find themselves in need of care and in vulnerable life situations. It is a labour of love, with rewards that go beyond the purely financial. A career in care is means a need to be aware and keep updated. It is a continuous journey of knowledge, devotion and courage.

Caring for the individual in a person centered way. Working in Home care is a dynamic and
diverse environment which requires carers to be inclusive and competent in meeting individuals unique needs. Clients needs differ uniquely and diversely. It is part of our professional role to meet and care for those needs in a competent, caring, informed, confident and accountable manner. Training fills potential gaps in knowledge allowing us to meet clients needs in more considered and caring ways.

Ongoing training keeps everyone's professional skills up to date.
Regular training keeps skills and knowledge relevant and develops carers skills to provide numerous rewards. Better care in practice. Practical methods underpinned with current theory allows clients to enjoy most effective and contemporary care.

Training leads to growing confidence, performance and knowledge. whatever your field of expertise, training supports staff to excel and lead others in the care profession. Increases in salary, position and sharing skills with others.

One of the most rewarding career result. -A smile on the faces of the clients, friends and family of those you care for. It's a professional relationship of well earned trust.

Accreditation and recognition with certificated qualifications, recongnised through out the care sector and the Care Quality Commission CQC and Care Standards Act 2000.

Up to date training is paramount, in order to provide excellent care that is safe, relevant and inline with evolving legislation and standards.


People are unique and diverse and caring for them in a person centered way is at the heart of AQS service.
This means we have a duty of care to meet and exceed the training demands that are a legal, professional and moral requirement of a care professional's role.

There are mandatory training needs for carers that once complete, ensure that AQS carers meet professional, legal and moral standards of care. It's simply a way to prove that what we do is;
best practice and current, legally recognised and in line with law and standards, is person centered and has those who use our service at heart.

The training department is committed to helping and supporting you with your professional practice.
We are currently working on an online learning portal for staff to access training materials at their leisure.
Feedback has recognised that training needs to be more flexible and accessible. Staff will continue to attend training in house and over the web, but will also be able to access recorded training sessions and
take assessments over phone apps. More news to follow.