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Flexible working

Need to work around the school run? A job that will fit around Uni? A weekend job to help you save? From zero contract hours to full-time positions, AQS has a variety of hours suitable to many people’s situations, get in touch to find out more.

Work locally

There are millions of people in need of assistance in the UK and the numbers are ever growing, there will be thousands in your area alone who need support in a variety of tasks. These people rely on your compassion to maintain their dignity and independence within their own home. Get in touch with your local branch to find out about some of our amazing service users in need.

Professional training and development

A career in care not only offers flexibility and convenience it also offers a wide range of training, career progression and personal development. It is also a great way to start an interesting and rewarding career, no prior experience is necessary as training is offered to all new care providers making it a great job for school leavers or people looking to change careers.​​​​​​​


Rewarding and inspiring career

Is there anything more rewarding and inspiring than helping others in need? The career as a care provider allows huge job satisfaction, life-long learning and personal development. You will meet passionate, intelligent, stimulating individuals on a daily basis.


Give back to the community

Whether employed as a care provider or volunteering with us, your hard work is offering great value and benefitting the wider community. The number of elderly people requiring assistance is growing as our community demographics change, however, these are just one aspect of the variety of diverse care needs in your local community.


Care in the community not only offers a variety of tasks and work settings, but also a variety of colleagues and customers. We support people from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of needs in a variety of ways.​



AQS is a firm believer in equal opportunities and supports diversity in its workforce. Our society is complex and multicultural which is reflected in our care users and providers. We employ and help support people from all aspects of the community to retain their identity, independence and dignity.

A Friendly and supportive work environment

We’ve been a family run establishment since 1994, our employees and service users have always been considered a big part of our family and family is a big part of our ethos. We understand that while a career in care is greatly rewarding and inspiring, it can also be demanding. Which is why we’re always here to offer our support.

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